Phil’s 24 Hour Row

This page shows Phil Craze’s progress as he attempted to beat the indoor rowing record – it all started at 9am Thursday 12th May, and at 08:35 Friday 13th May he beat the age group record (307683m). At the end of the 24 hours, the overall record (313112m) had been beaten by 136m!

A graph of Phil's progress

This is a 24 hour row in aid of the Stroke Association and the Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Society Scotland. In the process, Phil is attempting to break the age group world record, which has been held for over ten years.

Both these organisations are important to me and if you’d like to support them too, then please visit my Stroke Association fundraising page or my MS Society fundraising page. Thank you in advance for your support.

Note from David T:
To answer all the questions about reading the graph: The pale blue line is how far Phil has done so far, and the red line is how far would be covered if he was matching the record pace (both are attached to the left-hand scale). The dark line is attached to the right-hand scale, and shows how far Phil is ahead of the record pace. I hope that helps make some sense of it!


  1. Phil

    Phil here: Please feel free to leave a comment, this will be read out to me during my row which may help me keep going esepcially in the early hours.


  2. Good Luck Phil, you nutter! That’s a mammoth task you’ve taken on, for a great cause. All the best :-)

  3. Courtney Craze

    Good luck uncle phil, have fun doing it. :) xxx

  4. sophie craze

    good luck uncle phile have fun xxx :)

  5. sophie craze

    good luck uncle phile :)

  6. Fergus MacKay

    We’re all right behind you Phil, willing you on. Have no fear, the record is yours for the taking. Remember the Gringo’s smile.

  7. Pauline Tillotson

    Sorry I can’t be with you at the start, but all of the Aegis reps will be kept up to date while we’re at training in Culross. Good luck & see you at the finish line.

  8. Pasha

    Go on…Give it some laldie Phillip!

  9. Tim Davies

    Good luck … have as much fin as you can!

  10. Rohini

    All the very Best!

  11. Lesley Duncan

    Very best of Luck!! I’m out of the office on Thursday so won’t be able to come along and give you encouragement but you are doing a great thing. Keep the faith!!

  12. Graeme Cunningham

    Good luck Phil. Keep pushing all the way!

  13. Ian McCashey

    no presure Phil, but failure is not an option. I’m 100% confident you can do it, and we’ll be right behind you all the way :-)

  14. anut

    good luck you can do it you always do

  15. lauretta

    all the best, I’ll befollowing your progress v
    tomorrow x

  16. Fatty P

    Good luck big fella! We know you can do it!

  17. Paul Bucahan (aka Butch91)

    All the best today and tomorrow – I will keep an eye on you – remember “onwards and upwards”

  18. Dougie Mac

    Great sporting challenges –
    Lions tour
    Tour de France
    24 hour row

  19. Strachs

    Phil, remember its not the Dunfermline 10K.

  20. Casser

    Gone ursel crazy. Will be routing you on..go phil, go phil, go phiill.

  21. Dave W

    Haway the lads! Best of Luck Phil from Blackpool fans everywhere

  22. Dave Nield

    You’ve done the hard work now Phil in getting yourself to the start line in great shape and with everything to go for. Really well done for that. So ‘enjoy it’ now. Good luck. I’ll see you at 02:30 for the sprint finish.

  23. Dougie Mac

    It will have less hills than the Dunfermline 10k Strachs

  24. Nadia Kirkland

    GO PHIL GO – pain is temporarily quitting lasts forever

    You can do it – Keep going

    All the best Nadia x

  25. Dougie Mac

    We’ve packed our bags – have you?
    We’ve checked in – have you?
    We’re about to take off – are you?
    Did any of that make sense?

  26. Paul

    I don’t know you Phil, but I think what you’re attempting is amazing. Good luck.

  27. Catriona

    Good luck! We’re all watching your progress. Focus on the full English breakfast at the end xxx

  28. Andrea

    Keep going Phil, only 23 hours and 8 mins left to go :) Will keep an eye on how you’re getting on and offer more words of support later on

  29. Mum

    You are not your mothers son for nothing. I know you can do it.

  30. Sandip Dev

    Just waiting for Phil to make the record so that we can get a photo with him

  31. Strachs

    Re: #27 – Catriona, is that offer open to everyone?
    Phil – looks a good steady start.

  32. Jim T

    If you were rowing to Lytham, you are already around Penicuick.
    If I were cycling, I would still be putting my bicycle clips on!

  33. Laura A

    Good Luck, we’ll be watching your progress through the day! The good news is, you’ll be finished by this time tomorrow………….. xx

  34. Gary R

    If you get a chance could you give me an update on 2-3 SRs.

    Just kidding.

    Fantastic effort Phil, I have seen a lot of the hard work that you have put in at the gym and I am sure it will pay off for you.

  35. Gordon S

    Phil – can you have a look at the Task Tracker I’ve assigned to you?

    Me joko – good luck (and awed admiration) from the IT folk in AEGON House and try not to wear out the machine.

  36. Paul C

    Phil – looks like you’ve made a good start – well done!

    I’ve come up with 2 rules to guarantee your success:
    1. Never tell anyone everything that you know.

    Ha ha! See you tonight – text me your order for takeaway pizza …

  37. Mum

    You are doing well.

  38. Fergus MacKay

    Phil, at the 2 hour mark you were 11min 50sec ahead of the average record pace.
    You wanted to be 10mins ahead at that point, so looking good.

  39. JohnF

    Looking good, Crazy Phil. Still trying to understand the graph :) but it looks like you are well on target.

  40. Jim T

    Out through West Linton and heading for Biggar.

    Burning up the road!

  41. Girls at Charterhall

    Good luck Phil, lots of offers to give you a rub down if you need one.’s alright your wifes out!

    Row row row your boat gently down the stream, merrily merrily merrily merrily life is but a dream……just be thankful you can’t hear us singing it.x

  42. Kazatron

    Good Luch Philly! Lookin goooooood :)

  43. Aegon Admirer

    think you look sooo hot row row me to dinner if you want!!!….x

  44. Catriona

    Your wife’s now back in the office and have heard all about the offers to rub you down! I’ll bring the Charterhall support team up with me at 4am and see how energetic they are then!

    Strach – you are always welcome – i will warn the venue to get in extra supplies if you’re coming!!!

  45. Catriona

    To Aegon Admirer – he’s very hot but he’s also very taken!

  46. Phil

    Phil says thanks for all your support so far. He’s feeling good.

  47. Do you need the toilet yet?

  48. Matt

    Do you need the toilet yet or have you been catheterised to save time?

  49. Gordon Duff

    You have to be a bit mad to do something like this, so no problems there then!

    Going well Phil.

  50. Strachs

    Phil – stop smiling at the ladies and concentrate on the rowing.
    p.s. don’t worry Catriona, he may look good at the moment but wait til they see him tomorrow morning.

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