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Server move

If you can see this post, the new server is now running properly! :)

The new server is running Lenny, and is actually running on identical hardware (but with more RAM). The move to Lenny was a clean install, and resulted in some minor pain:

While migrating user mail there were some changes in UID/GID […]

SPF Finally implemented

Finally got round to implementing SPF (Sender Policy Framework for the uninitiated) on the mail server. This should hopefully cut down on the recent bursts of “backscatter” from spam. I am also planning on adding SPF records for the main Demon account, as that was badly hit with backscatter from MyDoom.A way back, and may […]

Exim alias lookups

After much pulling of hair, gnashing of teeth, searching on Google, etc… I have finally got the /etc/aliases file under control :) As some background, all mail historically went to the one mailbox, and was separated out by the client, and all was good with the world. Then I set up a proper mail server, […]

New server

Finally got round to setting up the new server for my home network (also hosting this site) after far too many hand-crafted changes to the original E-Smith SME Server that was in use.

Settled on a proper distro this time (Debian), and planned it carefully to allow smooth migration from one server to the other. […]