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Time to start using the site…

Now that I’ve got a working mobile posting system, and have started seriously on the pastimes, I may be able (and willing) to add posts a bit more often! If the wind is willing to play fair, I should be able to get some photos, videos and GPS logs from the kite buggy soon. I also plan on storing the SCUBA dive records here (once I can find a suitable format).
I really should add that using the HTC Desire is a fair bit easier than the N96 was (although I can’t as yet get the BT keyboard working).

Just a quick update

Just making a quick update to test 2 new toys:

1) WordMobi on the N96 – so far it seems to work well, although I need to verify the image scaling abilities.
2) A nice little Bluetooth keyboard (from Tesco of all places!) It’s a PS3 keypad, but once I installed the Nokia keyboard app, it worked great. The slightly odd layout for the non-alphanumeric characters takes some getting used to, but it’s definitely better than the phone keypad!ови услугивик

CCTV @ Sainsbury’s filling station

I just want to commit to pixels exactly how disgusted I am at the state of so-called security at the local Sainsbury’s filling station. On the 7th of March 2007 at 21:00 I went to the filling station at the Kirkcaldy Sainsbury’s store, to buy some milk. This is now likely to be the most expensive bottle of milk I have ever come across. As I left the position in which I had parked (perfectly legally, I must add, following the blatant insinuation from the staff), I had to drive across the front of the shop/kiosk building. As I did so, the customer who had filled his car at pump number 5 started moving towards me. I assumed that he was going to stop, as his only route out from that position was through my car. As it turned out, that is exactly where he went, leaving me with a damaged rear wheel, rear door and driver’s door. For reasons best known only to him, he decided that stopping just long enough for me to open my door, then flooring it, was a suitable way of dealing with the situation.

I spoke to as many people on the forecourt as I could, but no-one had managed to get his number plate, but I was assured by staff that his details, and possibly the incident, would definitely have been captured on the CCTV system, the tapes of which would be available for the police the next day. Thus reassured, I went home, and contacted the police, who were not able to make it out to take a statement at the time, but were able to take one the next day. Whilst I drove into work on the Thursday, SWMBO contacted the store to ensure that the tapes were secured, and ready for collection by the police. After speaking to the store manager, she was eventually informed that the CCTV system was not actually switched on at the time of the incident.

That’s right, the highly visible, and well publicised security system installed at the Sainsbury’s filling station is not switched on! Some that I have spoken to have voiced the opinion that it may simply be a case of Sainsbury’s policy being to not get involved. If that is the case, they are in for a rude awakening, as the incident has been declared a crime by the police, which means that refusing to hand over any tapes will be a very serious criminal offence. Of course, if the system is not actually used, then the business insurance that is in place for the premises may be null and void. Nice move Sainsbury’s!

Just as an update for this going out of “private”, the police have now had to close the case, and I end up losing out.

Testing some new stuff

Just discovered a couple of useful things, that I’m trying out right now. First off is the Performancing for Firefox (PFF) extension. This seems to be a rather nice addition, and if it works well enough, I may just add it to my Portable Firefox kit. At the same time, I’m trying to persuade my Bluetooth headset to handle Skype properly. Going through 3 drivers (with the ubiquitous XP reboots), I seem to have found one that works. :-) Only trouble now is battery life on the headset itself. So far I’ve managed about 12 minutes per charge, which isn’t exactly earth-shattering. Looks like I’ll have to bite the bullet, and get one of those wonderful stereo headsets!