Phil’s 24 Hour Row

This page shows Phil Craze’s progress as he attempted to beat the indoor rowing record – it all started at 9am Thursday 12th May, and at 08:35 Friday 13th May he beat the age group record (307683m). At the end of the 24 hours, the overall record (313112m) had been beaten by 136m!

A graph of Phil's progress

This is a 24 hour row in aid of the Stroke Association and the Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Society Scotland. In the process, Phil is attempting to break the age group world record, which has been held for over ten years.

Both these organisations are important to me and if you’d like to support them too, then please visit my Stroke Association fundraising page or my MS Society fundraising page. Thank you in advance for your support.

Note from David T:
To answer all the questions about reading the graph: The pale blue line is how far Phil has done so far, and the red line is how far would be covered if he was matching the record pace (both are attached to the left-hand scale). The dark line is attached to the right-hand scale, and shows how far Phil is ahead of the record pace. I hope that helps make some sense of it!


  1. Phil

    message to support people – bring warm clothes – it’s baltic down here if you’re not rowing!!

  2. Matt

    Sorry to labour the point but you have to consider the practicalities. Someone told me you were only allowed 45 second breaks.
    You are doing well anyway – make sure you keep it easy now as you know it will get tough at some point

  3. Catriona

    Strachs – you are spot on Strach, wait til they see him in the morning – and smell him!!!!

  4. Good luck Phil! Looks like you’ve made a really good start. We’ll check in to see how you’re doing throughout the day and we’ll also try to get you some more sponsors by putting it on our Facebook and Twitter!

  5. Andrea

    Phil, just to say that if you are needing the toilet, I’ve got a pair of cycling shorts that you could borrow …. ha ha ….. happy memories. Great progress, keep it going ……

  6. Jim T

    Coming up on Biggar now.
    If you want to stop in Biggar, I can show you where the boating pond used to be “Back in the Day”.
    We could have gone for a paddle.

  7. Pauline T

    Going great, Phil. The website looks fantastic ;-) Good luck from the Aegis Reps at Culross and keep at it. I’ll see you later this pm.

  8. Mum

    Glad to see that you are getting some new admirers and that Catriona is keeping them at bay.

  9. Colin Ritchie

    Looking great so far! I can’t even begin to comprehend how difficult a challange this is. Definitely an inspiring event.

  10. Paul R

    Keep it up big fella. We’re tracking your excellent progress and are all cheering you along from here!

  11. Joe Keating

    Great start to the row. Keep it going Phil.

  12. Robbie Mott

    Great effort Phil!! I can see you smashing this record!!

  13. Catriona

    Hi support team – re the text I sent this morning, if you can log onto the internet you can show Phil the article published in his local paper – link below

  14. Pete McLaughlin

    You’ll be pleased to hear that i’ve now defrosted and can feel my extremeties once more. At least you’re keeping cool….

    Keep it up!

    Oh, if the crowds are getting you nervous, just think of them naked because at least half of them will be thinking of you that way ;-)

  15. Morag Bruce


    You are one of the most inspiring people I know. Not just because of what you have achieved and for this challenge you have set yourself, but because of how you motivate, encourage and support others to exceed their own expectations of themselves.

    For that you deserve the World Record and no less.

    Just keep rowing – I know that you can do it!

    Also – stop talking!

  16. alison wilson

    Phil you are an inspiration to us all. Mark and I are so proud of you. We’ll be keeping up with your progress all the time and willing you forward.

  17. Pauline

    Doing great Phil ………. still think your ‘crazy ‘ but all for a good cause ……I ‘m sure you’ll do it and good to see all the support from your colleagues !

  18. Charlie E

    You are well named Mr Craze!

    You are a credit to yourself with a big, big heart. We all know you can do it so just keep at it and the metres will fly by.

  19. Jim T

    66 kilometers. Coming up for the Annandale Service Area.
    Pop in and I will buy you pie, chips and beans.
    What was that you said….?

  20. Jim T

    Oops. Abington Services.

  21. Strachs

    Looks like you’re maintaining a good even pace now that David T has found his ruler.

    I’m wondering when to bring in the “Who am I?” – too early? OK well it gives us something to look forward to on the backshift.

  22. Rik

    You’re doing great Phil – keep it going! I’m normally done after about 10 minutes on the rowing machine, so I guess this may be somewhat more difficult.

  23. Iain

    Best of luck, only just found this, I hope that you have a lot of food on hand in a form you can manage while rowing, you will need it!

  24. Grant

    I know we’re trying to save millions on the IT budget, but little did I realise that the new systems were going to have to be human-powered by a man on a rowing machine…

    Keep it up Phil; I’ll pop by around 6.30am tomorrow after cycling in and see if you want anything from the shop ;-)

  25. Neil W

    Alright Phil. Just ran 5 miles. 38 minutes work and I’m knackered. This 24 hour lark is just ridiculous – I have no idea how you’re doing it.

    Good pace so far – keep it up.

    I’ll give you a shout tonight when I crack my first beer open.

  26. Paul Buchanan

    Keep it going Phil!

    Can I ask, i’m afraid being colourblind I can’t work out the difference in the colours for the lines in the graph, so I can see the white one in the middle which is your distance – but I am guessing that the bottom line is the record pace and the top line (with the kink) is the meters ahead?

  27. Caro

    Sending lots of Trini vibes and a few Caribs for the finish line celebrations… you are doing great and we are all backing you.


  28. Amol Chandra

    Good Luck Phil.

  29. Annette Wilson

    Go for it Tigger!!

  30. Aegon Admirer

    clearly taken oh well a guy can only try lol

  31. Fergus MacKay

    At the 5 hour mark with 69428m behind him Phil was 1 min 56 sec ahead of plan.
    Minor aches in his legs but still looking strong.
    Guess the distance for charity, still open till 5:15pm.

  32. Laura A

    Phil, Mike McK would like to know how you are planning to go to the toilet. Not sure the exact details he’s after…but requirements gathering was never a strong point ;) .

    We’re all very impressed with your efforts. I think Mike is very jealous (!) He does 10k in 45 mins on a rowing machine…..and reckons you’re stats are wrong. LOL xx Keep up the good work, will check in later, after another cuppa.

  33. Ewan

    A wise man once said – pain is only weakness leaving the body. I say, keep on rowing Phil, you’re doing great.

  34. Tommy Fallon

    You’re doing great Phil, sorry I can’t be there this afternoon, but I’ll see you later for the night shift. Keep going strong, I’ve got 313,000 metres in the Charity comp.

  35. Jim T

    IF you were rowing to Lytham, as you approach 99 kilometers, that is around Beattock Summit.
    It’s all downhill from there….. Isn’t it?

  36. Vince McCann

    You are doing an amazing thing for charity and respect to you for this!

    All the best and good luck for your world record attempt!

  37. Phil Shimmin

    BY my calculations, that’d be you home now if you were heading in the right direction (and actually moving ;-)

    Looking good chap. Keep it up!

  38. Anant

    Hey Phil, best of luck!!! Keep going…..

  39. Pat (Lytham)

    Following your progress Phil….you doing great!

  40. Stuart Innes

    Hi buddy don’t know you personally but its totally amazing what you are trying to achieve. I’ve been refreshing your page every 15 minutes or so today to keep up with your progress and I’m sure you will keep ahead of the record as you have done all day. Keep it going big man keep it going.

  41. Dave McGregor

    Unbelievable challenge Phil. The fact you can eat a bowl of pasta while doing it must be a world record in itself. Keep going !

  42. Pfennig

    Good effort – remember, this is your cage…….apparently once you are past the first few hours then the rest is a breeze.
    Most magnificient effort!

  43. Mick Butler

    Phil, there is a real buzz around the office, everyone is watching the progress graph and sending you good vibes. Your approach is working so keep it going.

  44. Ben Smith

    Hi Phil, best wishes and good luck from Philippa, Jemima, Melissa and me. Keep it going big bear, and lets celebrate with a few isotonic beers over the weekend… Ben

  45. John Falconer

    Epic tekkers, Phil!

    You look like you do this kind of thing every day!

  46. Paul C

    Phil, as you have pretty much got this record nailed already (!) I have started to investigate what you can do next. My top recommendation is to go for the record for cycling backwards while playing the violin (you would have to beat 37.56 miles in 5 hours, 9 minutes) – it’s more of a sprint event then I guess …

    Keep up the good work!

  47. Andrea

    Hi Phil, well that’s a days work at the office completed so will log on when I get home to see how you’re getting on and cheer you on with a class of wine :) Keep going, you’re doing really well …

  48. Adam Scrivner

    Fantastic job Phil! Keep it up :-)

  49. Mrs Strachs

    Phil – fantastic effort so far. Good luck for the rest.

  50. David Nield

    Well done Phil! a third the way and making excellent progress. Hopefully you’ll feel good about that, it’s always a big milestone in any of my training. See you later. Dave

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